Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mural Entirely Made Out Of Trash

I am super psyched about a job I have right now creating a 10 ft by 14 ft mural down in Venice Beach - it will be created entirely out of TRASH. As in garbage. Smelly, but fun :) The great thing is that it is a replica of a poster advertising a new documentary that is premiering live on Facebook, September 20th, about cleaning up the world's beaches. Hence, the use of trash..... I was fortunate enough to get the job through a good friend of mine who owns the Eco-Logical Gallery of Los Angeles, Peter Schulberg - he and I and a few others will be installing the mural and working on it onsite August 29-Sept 1, so come on down and visit us!
Windward Circle, across from the Bank of America, on the brick wall of the surf shop. Here are a few pictures of how it's going so far. Been doing a TON of collecting, cutting, and sorting trash...a HUGE thanks for friends and organizations helping us out collecting the garbage: Sustain L.A., and Trash for Teaching, especially.

Boats in Britanny

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