Saturday, October 24, 2015

Three months after the Arctic....

Upon returning from the Arctic, I am humbled and a different person. The extreme living and environmental conditions call for hearty, unique residents. What I found were not only strong people inside and out, but some of the most caring, interesting and thought provoking humans on earth. 

I continued my quest of interviewing people on their definitions of "Home," as well as burying the time capsule containing previous ideas of "Home" that I had gathered from people throughout the United States and Italy. (See video made in Tuscany, Italy below.) Currently, two art pieces in the form of videos are being worked on and I will share them on this site in the next coming months. Until then, here is a link to a little more information as well as some photos taken on our journey.
One of the most important aspects I took back from this expedition is the constant reminder that everything on earth is fragile and everything is temporary. Change occurs in life, but we must take care of each other and our surroundings. We do have the ability.

Our sailing vessel "The Antigua"

Spitsbergen, Norway

The Global Seed Vault, Longyearbyen, Norway

"Stuck boat, everyone move to one side..."

Trantler: Unity Sculpture installed in Gearhart, Oregon

The sculpture installed at the Sweet Shop Gearhart titled Trantler is based on combining two predominant elements in Gearhart: the wild elk...