Monday, November 23, 2015

Strength in Baguettes: Solidarity Art in Paris

A few crazy things have been happening in the world, and it effects us all.

I am feeling very lucky that I am safe and sound while others in Paris, Beirut, and additional parts of the planet are forced to endure unstable conditions.  A few days after the terrorist attacks in Paris, I was bound for the city of lights to attend an art opening for the exhibition "Gaia" - a fantastic show in conjunction with the COP21 summit on climate change. Unfortunately, it was postponed due to the turmoil at hand. I decided to fly to Paris anyway, and met up with Curator Julia Rajacic, as well as other artists in the exhibition. The more I discussed the current state of the city with the them, I learned that the people of Paris are compassionate and strong. They are determined to keep their freedom and to spread unity in their communities. 
I stayed for that whole week and immersed myself into their world as much as possible. Paris is a unique and special city, with people who are responsible for making it that way. Here is an article on a project I created while there, written in the Florentine - the English speaking newspaper here in Florence. It is called "An Ankh For Paris" and I will post more photos of the making of it soon.

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