Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Co-op 28 Signage Project

Anybody have any light turquoise trash out there they can donate??? I am creating a 20 ft x 8 ft sign for a great little boutique in Los Feliz on Vermont Blvd, called Co-op 28. It will be made entirely our of trash and recycled materials. Super fun!!! Below are a couple of pictures -I am just beginning to glue the trash on as you can see. Also is a photo of the design I have to go by. I will post more photos as it progresses. Be on the lookout for light turquoise garbage please!!! (If you are in the Los Angeles area :) I'd be sooooo appreciative!

Trantler: Unity Sculpture installed in Gearhart, Oregon

The sculpture installed at the Sweet Shop Gearhart titled Trantler is based on combining two predominant elements in Gearhart: the wild elk...