Saturday, September 2, 2017

Residency at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venice, Italy

The year has zipped by so far and it’s already September! This summer proved super busy. I had the fortunate opportunity to attend a printmaking residency at the Scuola International di Grafica in Venice, Italy for two weeks. The timing of this worked perfectly, as I could visit the Biennale and soak in the massive art from so many countries. I will share a bit of both: the monoprints I created while at the residency, as well as art from the Arsenale and various pavilions at the Biennale. 

Here are some photos from the Biennale:

Phyllida Barlow, British Pavilion

Russian Pavilion

Cinthia Marcelle, Pavilion of Brazil

Erwin Wurm, Austrian Pavilion

Photos taken from the fantastic printmaking facilities at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica:

These monoprints below were created while attending the residency and are from a body of work that I am creating based on the importance of water. Scientists back in 1976 made the hypothesis that water has memory: that it makes an imprint of any outside influence, remembering everything that occurs in the space surrounding it. Collecting water from countries all over the world, I am examining their structures to try to make connections between the art and science of this life necessity.

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Unknown said...

Really nice water work Keri! I so am with you (and Per) on the water and all of it!! Beautiful study. I too am painting exploring the whole water memory- water motion- water magic- in my own way. I did a lot of printmaking at Art Center- that was definitely my focus and most fun of all the classes way back when- & where I learned the most for sure-- maybe that's how I remember you most - from the print room with good ol' Tony Zepeda..? it's an amazing medium... so much surprise and so exquistietly sensitive... I can feel your joy here of expression and discovery- thanks for posting and sharing! sincerely-
your classmate and 'neighbor of sorts'.. (lol:) marjo

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